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Join us for Weekly Worship & Bible Study
We worship every Saturday at 6pm and every Sunday at 10am.

We have weekly Adult Bible Study & Children's Sunday School each Sunday at 8:45am.
There is a Saturday Bible Study available at 5:15pm, which is a 30 minute background study of the worship service readings.

Eisleben Lutheran Church is a group of people who have had their sins forgiven by God! That's right. Though we call ourselves Christians, we are not perfect. We are blessed by God with His love and mercy and because of His unconditional love, we seek to be a blessing to each other and to our community.

Who God is and what he does is vital for every person! God decisively conquered sin, death and the power of the Devil. This is Good News to us who struggle in a world which is corrupted by sin and the spiritual powers of evil. God has called people who know Him, the church, to bring this Good News of God's love to you. Join us for worship and stick around to ask about what God has done to show you His unconditional care and love, and to find out what He is doing right now which brings healing among broken relationships and hope & joy to our pain-filled broken lives.

God's hand prints are everywhere, and he's called us to extend his love and grace to you. 

Thanks for checking out our web site but more importantly we'd like you to join us as we grow in the grace and knowledge of the one who blesses us now and forever. God loves you!

Pastor Marty

Pastor Marty Hasz joined us last July and is excited to be serving together in our community with the Love of God. Gather with us for worship, Bible study and service to others at Eisleben Lutheran Church!
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